Veggie talk again  

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Firo rocks again with his thoughts – it often happens on lunch breaks, makes sense to me and interesting too , so thought of sharing. hope u guys will enjoy it.

Though from a non veggie which was brought to Firo (a veggie by choice)

Firo: Situation: damn hungry- nothing around –on a long drive……..
Vehicle happened to bank royally to a mango tree with sparkling yellow ready to serve mangos falling like rain drops – lucky ?? yea unlucky ?

Non Veggie: Of course lucky, coz I got lots of mangos out of the blue when badly needed

Firo: Replace Mango tree with a chicken, little chicken’s leg was broken. What will you feel????

Non Veggie: I will feel sad about it, because I broke the leg of the chicken

Firo: Why should you feel that way, you should have felt yummy about it, since that was your favorite meal indeed. ;-) .........