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H H Sri Sri Ravishankar answers questions from Manorama Online readers:

Question by: Kiran
Dear Guruji, now I am facing a big problem in my career life.I am working in a private company in Dubai, for the last couple of months.My problem is that, I can't do even a simple work completly.I cant complete the work on time.Everything is getting pending.I had thought about this thing so many times, but I doesn't get a proper solution for this.I have to do a lot of works in my office - it comes one after another, before completing the first one.But I have to do all in a priority basis.But unfortunately, I can't do it properly.I am doing all those work, but it becomes the drawing in the water.Please provide a solution for this.Now I am also thingking about my future that, without become a professional, how can I get better oppertunities. I haven't seen U till now. But, U may please provide a proper solution for this problem by either ur writings in Manorama or by return mail. Waiting for your mail......Regards,Kiran K. S.
Answer : SRI SRI : It is the desire that tires you - the 'want' in the mind. Your mind tires you more than the physical work. If you are willing to do some work, even 15 hours at a stretch, it will not tire you but if you are not willing and you have to work even for four hours, it will tire you. For eg , you have a party at home or you are arranging Onam /Vishu decorations. So you may work many late hours but still not feel tired. You feel good about it. But you work in some place you don't like, you'd like to have four coffee or tea breaks and even then you feel it's tiring! Don't do any work at all. Just sit and go on thinking. You'll be terribly exhausted. For many people, the tiredness and exhaustion comes from thinking and worrying, not by working. Thinking you need rest makes you restless. Thinking you have to work hard makes you tired. Thinking you have worked hard brings self pity. So, learn some techniques which will give you deep rest, deeper than sleep. Deeper your rest, you can be more dynamic .

Question by: Dr.Geetha
Even though I have strong belief in GOD,when I face misfortunes in life,I feel depressed and worried.I faced many tragedies in life and overcame all these with the help of GOD without much side effects.I did nt get a Job, eventhough highly qualified.How can I get peace in mind with all worries in life.
Answer : SRI SRI : The way to overcome personal misery is to share universal misery! The way to expand personal joy is to share universal joy. Instead of thinking "what about me?" "what can I gain from this world?" think "what can I do for the world?" When everyone comes from the point of contributing to society, you have a Divine society. We have to educate and culture our individual consciousness in order to expand in time with the Knowledge . . . from "what about me?" to "what can I contribute?"