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1. Curd - 1/2 cup

2. Kumbalanga (Ash Gourd)

3. Mustard seeds - 2 Spoon

4. Coconut- 1 cup

5. Green Chillies - 3

6. Coconut Oil - 1 Spoon

7. Salt - To taste

- Peel the skin of Ash Gourd and slice it into small pieces.
- Cook Ash Gourd with enough water, green chillies and salt.
- Grind Cocount, curd, 1 Spoon of Mustard Seeds
- Add these grind ingredients, into cooked Ash Gourd.
- Add salt and cook for some time
- Take Oil in another pan and Splutter mustard seeds when oil is hot.
- Add this to Pachadi.

---- above is a version of what I cooked today, if you are using the cucumber instead of Ash Gourd it will become more easy, because you dont have to cook at all. Just mixing all will do.

---- If you eat Bittergourd, then it can be used instead of Ashgourd. Ofcourse you will need to cook Bittergourd.

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