Yad bhaavam tat bhavati  

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WE BECOME what we think. Yad bhaavam tat bhavati. Whatever we think and feel again and again is what we become. What we think we verbalize, what we verbalize we visualize and what we visualize happens.

If the words people use are refined and without negativity, mind is not adversely affected. They do not get stressed, they do not get worried and they do not get depressed. They lead a relatively a happier life.

Worry is nothing but the constant inner chatter within us, the constant negative inner chatter. I am asked again and again, To what extent are we responsible for our thoughts?

If we are not responsible for our thoughts, who else can then be responsible for them? Our thoughts arise from within us, not from or through someone else! Is it possible for someone to come between us and our minds? Certainly not!

What we focus our mind on, what we think, what we feel is what we become. There is no doubt about this.

How can we stop worrying? How can we streamline our thoughts without negativity? This is what everyone wants to know.

The solution is simple. You need to be aware of what you think. Constantly be aware of what your thoughts are and straighten them out. You need not stop doing anything you are engaged in to do this. You can be driving, you can be in conversation, you can be cooking and still you are thinking. Constantly thoughts arise. Most of the time, you do not even watch your thoughts. You let your thoughts guide you into fantasies.

For a change, watch your thoughts. As soon as there is a negative thought, change it into a more positive thought. You may say it is too simple. Yes, it is that simple.

Guru Poornima  

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This is a sacred day. It is the day when we honour Sage Vyasa, who gave mankind the precious gem of Saguna worship (worship of God with Form) and the hope and assurance that Manava (man) can become Madhava (God), that Nara can become Narayana, that Jeeva can become Brahman or rather that Jeeva (individual soul) is Brahman (Universal soul)
Guru poornima is sacred for many reasons. This day, the seeker who suffers from identification with the false objective world is initiated into the reality of the ‘Unseen Motivator’ within him. This day, those who have no urge to tread the spiritual path are inspired to seek the bliss which that path will confer; and aspirants are helped to achieve the consciousness of the One; which is known by many names and though many forms, in various languages and land. With the rise of sun, the world is bathed in light and heat. So too, the oncoming of Guru Poornima, the human heart is bathed in peace and security. Guru poornima is not just one day in the year, marked out in the calendar. It is all days when the mind of man becomes full of pleasant wholeness, fully illumined with the light from the moon.
The Guru is the teacher who removes the fundamental ignorance, which hides the knowledge of this truth form us. The poornima or the full moon day has been fixed for revering him, for, the effect of the knowledge is to put an end to scorching agony and to shed cool comfort on the mind of man. Vyasa is reversed as Narayana Himself, for who but God can inspire such illumination?