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Search For Meaning - Bharat Uday Mission  

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Now days, we are talking about political change in India. Bharat Uday Mission aims at creating a political party. I came to know about this from orkut. Bharat Uday Mission chapters are there in most of the cities.
Twenty one-year-old Saurabh is on a mission. Bharat Uday Mission. The only goal of Bharat Uday Mission — or BM, as it is called — is to wipe every tear from every eye as far as possible, first in India and, if possible, in the whole world, through an ideal combination of spiritual, social, economic and political means.

BM originated at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur in October 2004. The idea is simple. ‘Gain the confidence of the masses through social work’. And in a few years time, form a political party with a difference. A party that will ensure that by 2030, all Indians breathe in a socially, economically and spiritually developed country.

For more info http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bharatudaymission/

We have two choice

1. Ignore this telling India will not change.

2. Get involved