Monkeys Story  

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This one is a story told by my friend Om. You might have heard this before. I loved this one. Hope you will love this too.
Few people put 6 monkeys in a big cage.. and there are 10 steps inside the cage.. on the topmost step they put a banana. Seeing this one monkey jumped to take the banana, immediately they sprayed chilled water on other 5 monkeys. Next day again they placed banana on the topmost step, seeing this one monkey started jumping, but other 5 monkeys pulled him down and didn't allow the monkey to take banana. Third day also same thing happened that 5 monkeys didn't allow other one to take the banana..

Now the fun begins, next day they took one monkey out of the cage, (which was jumping to take the banana), and replaced with another new :) monkey. And when they placed the banana again on the topmost step. The new monkey started jumping to take the banana, but other 5 monkeys stopped the new monkey. Next day again they replaced one of the old monkey. This time also 5 monkeys pulled the leg of new monkey which was trying to take the banana. Process was continued till all the monkeys were replaced.

Even after all the mokeys were replaced one after another, monkeys started pulling the leg of the 6th monkey with out actually knowing the reason.

Moral of the story: (I don't have to tell the moral of the story, You would have experienced this many times.. I have experienced this many times.. he he he.. ;) ))