BIG ;-) debate - Vegetarian Vs Non - Vegetarian  

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What do you eat???????

NV: What do you eat?

V: I eat only tasty part of what you eat. ;)

NV:(thought process) …….

V: (Silent)!

NV: What do you mean?

V: You eat leg piece of KFC chicken, is it tasty?

NV: Of course, no doubt about it.

V: How about the raw peace of the same chicken leg, will it be tasty? Will you be able to eat that?

NV: Nooo way

V: What makes it tasty then?

NV: hmm. Ingredients, which is added to that.

V: Yes, That is what I eat. - > The Chilli ,Masala,Oil etc etc …. Which r all Veggie by birth n yummy too)

Your comments please...

ps: This is one of the gems from Firosh on this topic. He works with me in IBM. I will get him to post more of this topic for you here. Here is his orkut profile.