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Started using winamp after a long time, it gave a nostalgic feeling of college days. Could not resist installing winamp with classic theme, lot of options in the media library. I imported all my mp3s to media library, and renamed the genre with category in the way I wanted.

I also liked the option to change the play list entries to show the filenames without extension. Also, installed few sound enhancers, still looking for the best sound enhancer. Winamp really rocks with my sennheiser headphone.

New Job Titles  

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Could not resist pasting this here, from my Inbox.


Garden Boy : Landscape Executive and Animal Nutritionist

House Maid : Family Environs Upkeep Manager

Receptionist : Front Office Manager/Office Access Control

Typist: Printed Document Handler

Messenger : Business Communications Conveyer

Window Cleaner : Transparent Wall Technician

Temporary Teacher : Associate Tutor

Tea Boy : Refreshment Overseer

Garbage Collector : Public Sanitation Technician

Watchman : Theft Prevention and Surveillance Officer

Prostitute : Practical Sexual Relations Officer

Thief : Wealth Distribution Officer

Driver : Automobile Propulsion Specialist

Maid : Domestic Operations Specialist

Employee without Portfolio : Administration Manager

Cook : Food Preparation Officer

Unemployed : Township Management

Gossiping : Research