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Batu Caves is a series of caves and cave-temples, located in KL, Malaysia. The caves are made of limestones which is 400 meters in length and 100 meter in height and is situated on the hill. During our visit, we could see a lot of stones hanging inside the cave. The sun rays were coming in from the top of the cave, which lighted up the entire cave.

I felt nice sitting inside the cave, nature in its divine form. Nobody was scared to walk inside even though there were lots of stones hanging from the top.
I could compare it with our life, in life also we will have lots of problems hanging on the top of our head. Feel comfortable! Know that the nature is there to take care of you, nothing is going to happen to you and realize that you actually are much more than what you think you are!! There were the rays coming from the top of the caves which I could relate to the ray of hopes.

Foto: Firo

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